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Oregon’s scorching summers demand top-notch cooling solutions. As technology progresses, it’s prime time to enhance your HVAC system for improved efficiency and comfort. Join us as we unveil our top 4 new HVAC technologies to help you brace for rising temperatures!

Smart Solutions for Everything

Smart air conditioners, controllers, and programmable thermostats provide a multitude of advantages. Beyond comfort and convenience, they enable energy savings by allowing you to set triggers for your HVAC unit to activate precisely when necessary. This prevents unnecessary running throughout the day, ultimately conserving energy.

Efficient Systems for Optimal Performance

Say goodbye to your clunky, noisy HVAC unit, and upgrade to the latest high-efficiency systems. These cutting-edge units not only excel in energy conservation but also boast noise reduction technology and sleek designs.

Advanced Filtration Systems

Upgrade your home with our complete system installs, featuring a whole-home media filter cabinet. This worry-free addition only requires changing about once a year and efficiently captures smaller particles. With its 4” thick filter located in the attic, there’s no need for the paper-thin filters in your walls and ceilings!

UV lights

For centuries, UV lights have been utilized for their germ-killing properties. So, why not incorporate them into our HVAC systems? UV light technology facilitates the aggregation of small particles, aiding the media filter in capturing them more effectively. This integration results in a significant reduction of bacteria, viruses, germs, and odors.

Improve Your Air Quality With Nelke Heating and Cooling

Technology has become an integral part of the HVAC industry, offering continual improvements to enhance your quality of life. Our experience serving the Salem community has repeatedly demonstrated this truth. Give Nelke Heating and Cooling a call to learn more about the latest tech innovations. We’re eager to serve you and elevate your home comfort to new heights.

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